• Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness
Bringing Education and Compassion to Those in Need

Hope Rising: Transforming Lives through Education

Lanka Hope Partners is a Christian nonprofit organization dedicated to rescuing and transforming children's lives. Our main approach is to establish Hope Academy in some of the most impoverished areas in Sri Lanka, using education as a tool for change.

We've set up Hope Academy in a poverty-stricken slum near Colombo, where 22% of Sri Lankans suffer from undernourishment. Through compassionate actions, we support the helpless and bring hope to the hopeless.

In the name of Jesus and with his compassion, we care for "the least of these" – orphaned, abandoned, and abused children who are left to survive in extremely harsh and unforgiving conditions.

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  • Addressing Urgent Needs
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Building a Better World through Activist Projects

We’re leading a community of humanitarians in Sri Lanka to build a future where everyone can thrive.

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Healthy People. Better World.

HOPE has impacted millions of lives globally.

Hope Partners is Sri Lanka's largest nonprofit organization dedicated to relieving hunger domestically, working to provide food and end food insecurity by connecting people in need with essential nourishment.

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Our Priorities

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Transform Lives
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Healthy People. Better World.
Make poverty free
Invest in a healthier world
We start Hope Academy in some of the desperately needy places in Sri Lanka to transform lives through education

Our volunteers who are always going through the service

Gifts in Wills power half of our saving work

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